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There’s the standard sentence: prison time or probation.

Yet the sex offender registry is still going strong. Instead, it's caught up thousands of people in a tightly woven net of legal sanctions and social stigma.

In this classic tale, each of the three pigs construct a house to protect themselves from a danger in their world. Two of the pigs do a quick job with cheap materials and yet still believe that their home is providing them with safety and security.

But this turns out only to be a comforting illusion and fails to provide the protection needed. In the same way, many of us are trusting that the sex offender registries of our nation are providing us with accurate and useful information, and consequently providing us with real safety and protection.

If addresses that are not real are being accepted from sex offenders, how much is the sex offender registry system actually protecting the public?

Many of us are familiar with the story of the three little pigs.

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Most states will report the address of the sex offender.