Live sexstrip and sex chat with

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Live sexstrip and sex chat with

You might find yourselves role-playing that the dancer is a third partner for the night.

That’s perfectly fine (and immensely arousing), but you must remember to maintain physical boundaries.

You’re not there to find a date to bring home for some kinky play; that’s what swingers’ clubs are for. Ladies, this is your opportunity to pull out that freakum dress and show off those sexy curves.

Many dancers do enjoy conversation though, so if it helps you two feel more comfortable, ask some lighthearted questions and laugh a bit. You’re entering into a different world and this isn’t the time for you to frown your face up and look down at anyone. Try not to appear nervous or embarrassed, and think of it as being in a dance club with live entertainment. No one will care if you fondle each other in your dark corner.

Every club has an employee who can make change, so “we only have a 0 bill” is no excuse.

While one of you is receives a lap dance, the other can slide the base fee (usually around ) into a G-string.

Be generous—or “make it rain,” as they say—if the dancer does an outstanding job.

No Means Absolutely Not For some couples, going to a strip club is as close as either is willing to get to having a .

For the last decade or so, urban music has been filled with endorsements of strip clubs around the country, and praise has rained down on voluptuous exotic dancers in countless hip-hop verses and magazines.

More often than not, one partner (usually male) is a little more familiar with the atmosphere, so he (or she) might need to coach the other a bit.

When discussing limitations, be sure to specify how far you’re comfortable letting your partner go.

Set Boundaries Before you two head out to visit the local strip club, make sure you have a conversation with each other about your hopes and concerns; mainly what you’d like to see each of you get out of the trip.

You want to make sure you’re on the same page so that you both have the most enjoyable time imaginable.

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