Live updating playlist

Posted by / 29-Aug-2019 12:25

I don't know if they ever did (I just found the playlist this morning), but There are alot of songs in that playlist and the last one added is over 4 weeks ago (probably the time I linked shazam and spotify)...

Keep the default setting: Match music for the following rules.

Hi, I have linked my account with Facebook and shazam (shazam and facebook are also linked to each other).

Although when I shazam new songs they do not show up in my playlist 'My Shazamed Tracks'.

From there, click on the actual word added in the column header to group all the files by the date they were added to in the software.

This will list all the new files you just imported into the program and you can then drag/drop the files into whatever crates they belong in. You can also import your newly added files by temporarily checking the Show i Tunes Library option.

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When the downloaded lists are updated with new songs, will my Android automatically download the new, updated list as Spotify updates it?