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“We are continuously attacked by people who claim to be ANC leaders.

They attack us, disrupt our rallies and we cannot campaign for such people,” he said this week.“The party in the province will pursue other provinces …

The SACP, which has labelled the ANC leadership and strategic vision under Mbeki as a 1996 class project, said defeating him did not end the project, and that rallying around Zuma was no solution.

Part of the problem, according to the communists, was to “excessively” project Zuma as a messiah.

As factions grow towards the end of Zuma’s term as the country’s president, his erstwhile allies are expressing doubts about his leadership.

It happened in Limpopo during Malema’s time and it’s continuing in other provinces,” Mapaila said.Frank admission The SACP’s frank admission is contained in a discussion document, titled Meeting the Challenges Facing the Trade Union Movement, released before the party’s upcoming special congress.The document has been circulated to some provincial heads.The recent important anti-xenophobia mobilisation is an encouraging partial exception,” it said in the document.‘Marriage of convenience’The SACP, with most of its leaders in the Cabinet and Parliament, said the outcome of the ANC’s Polokwane conference that elected Zuma as party president in 2007 was achieved through “a marriage of convenience between a left bloc and a right-wing populist group”.The disappointment with the ruling party has led some of the SACP provinces to push for the party to go it alone.

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The South African Communist Party, which helped propel Jacob Zuma to power, regrets replacing Thabo Mbeki with a cult figure and putting too much trust in Zuma. As the tripartite alliance meets this weekend, there are deep divisions within the SACP about how it should align itself with the ANC, and whether it should contest national elections in its own name.