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Mandating refundable deposits on

If you plan to use your security deposit to pay for your last month’s rent, plainly state this in your written notice to your landlord.

Once you move out, your landlord typically has anywhere from two to eight weeks to get your deposit back to you.

Here a few tips to help you make sure that you get your security deposit back in full: You may be able to use the security deposit to pay for your last month’s rent.

Check your lease carefully to see if this is allowed, or discuss it with your landlord.

It is not legal to charge a non-refundable move-in fee in some jurisdictions.

A couple of caveats about move-in fees: Some states allow landlords to charge additional deposits and fees related to the application and move-in costs, or for tenants who pose a greater risk than others for causing damage to their property.

Next, look for the “Get Rental Help” link in the top left column.

Click on that link and you’ll find a list of links for rental housing in your state.

In addition, an application fee, cleaning fee, and a fee for ordering a credit check or a background check as part of tenant screening may be required and are typically non-refundable.

Request an itemized receipt from your landlord for all fees paid for your records.

Take any measures necessary to protect your security deposit, including taking care of your rental home as if it belonged to you and making it clear to the landlord what damages existed before you moved in.

wait for your current landlord to return the deposit you paid when you first moved in.

Security deposits can make moving less affordable and may be difficult to get back.

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Instead, renters are asked to pay a non-refundable “move-in fee,” which is typically around $200-$300.

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