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In 2016, the producer of Annah Minx (see below) confirmed that Greg told him that he and Hannah dated online.

(Source) This would make sense as Hannah lived in Japan in 2011.

The following morning, he talked on the phone with the ex-girlfriend and realized she wanted sex without love, which he does not believe in ($ource) Two months later, in October 2011, a long email written by Greg's (then) recent ex Adrienne was released to the public.

In the email, Adrienne wrote about how Greg was upset over an "e-fling" he had with a You Tuber that propositioned him for a threesome.

He interrupts the video to show his viewers Andy Biersack's father tweeted him.

Greg puts on a sticker mustache and announces the video will be themed "Hannah Minx Come Back".

He says Hannah did not like that and had him change the script.(Source) In 2012, after revealing his girlfriend, Taylor, to his audience, Greg received a lot of criticism for dating another teenager.To defend himself, he listed the ages of everyone he had dated during his You Tube career.Miss Hannah Minx, or Miss Hannah Minx, was a well-known You Tuber that worked with Onision in 2010. For years since her departure from You Tube, Hannah has been a big subject of Greg's channels. After she left You Tube, they lost contact and Greg made a few videos about her disappearance.

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($ource) In late 2011, there had been a bit of talk among viewers about Greg and Hannah dating.

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