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Reading their paper it soon becomes clear that the term "mirror neurons" conceals a complex mix of cell types.Some motor cells only show mirror-like responses when a monkey sees a live performer in front of them; other cells are also responsive to movements seen on video.For starters, we are able to comprehend the intentions behind the actions of other people or animals even if we’ve never performed, or are incapable of performing, their actions ourselves.Many brain damaged patients who can no longer produce speech are still able understand it.“Mirror neurons are so powerful that we are even able to mirror or echo each other’s intentions,” claimed self-help author Dr Caroline Leaf in a tweet sent a few weeks ago.

Brain imaging studies with humans have also reported what looks like mirror neuron activity in many of the same brain regions identified in monkeys.The activity of mirror neurons can be altered by simple and brief training tasks showing that these cells are just as likely to have been shaped by culture as the shaper of it.The exaggerated and oversimplified story about mirror neurons has been swallowed whole by the media and much of the public.If a brain region has mirror properties there should be signs of this fatigue after action performance and observation – in fact the results are mixed with two of five adaptation studies failing to find evidence of mirror-like properties.This could be because mirror neurons don’t show adaptation, but we’ll have to see.

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Last year I suggested that mirror neurons are the most hyped concept in neuroscience. Ramachandran says these cells shaped our civilisation; in fact he says they underlie what it is to be human – being responsible for our powers of empathy, language and the emergence of human culture, including the widespread use of tools and fire.