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Eventually Butterfly suggested she could produce the album.“I thought it was such a cool idea.I mean I would have asked her but I didn’t think she’d be interested,” Missy said, laughing. I thought we had such a great relationship and it would be such a fun experience which is exactly what I wanted it to be.”Their relationship in the studio transfers beautifully on stage for their current tour, too, as Missy joins Butterfly for parts of her set, and Butterfly plays bass and sings back-up on all of Missy’s songs.”The inspiration for returning to music came when Missy was asked to play as part of Lilith Fair in 2010.Missy said performing for and interacting with fans changed her perspective on what she had thought was a more “selfish pursuit.”“Sarah Mc Lachlan invited me on her tour, the Lilith Fair tour and yeah, at that time I hadn’t played in years and I was kind of pretty skeptical about it.

And so I reached out to a bunch of friends and I asked them to collaborate with me and it was really really fun and I went to Nashville and collaborated with people there and sort of lived there for a while and fell in with really great singer/songwriter community and importantly it was away from the prying eyes of my record company and I didn’t let them have any involvement in the writing and the making of the record.

While he remained tight-lipped on the details, Lee said the proposal was low-key. "Just a thing between us."Lee is keeping the wedding details under wraps but said the couple, right, were "very excited" and didn't rule out a Broome wedding."I don't know when we'll get married," he said. The couple began dating after Lee invited Higgins to sing with his Broome band, Cable Bitches.

"We haven't really started talking about how or when and all that stuff but that's quite possible . Lee will return to WA this year to do some workshopping on his play, which is scheduled to hit the stage in Broome next year.

But even when she’s writing with someone else, she said the songs all stem from her own “experience or observations.”“There’s definitely a lot of songs about this album deal with my disillusionment with the whole entertainment industry and my existential crisis and if I was making a difference and whether what I was doing was kind of worthy, whatever that means.

And finding my way back to music and being able to love it again and feel good about it again,” Missy said.

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I thought ‘Oh gosh, I don’t know if I can do this.’ But my manager kind of convinced me to do it and when I got over there and started playing again, I really just immediately fell back in love with music and as soon as I got out on stage I just felt so at home and that really inspired me again,” she said.

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