Monogamous dating

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This helps up the sensuality and keep things rhythmic.

“It’s really intriguing,” says Larry Young, professor of psychiatry at Emory University, in Atlanta, who was not associated with the research.The study is one of the first to show a role for the hormone in human monogamy (prior research revealed similar effects in other mammals).How monogamy works has long been a biological mystery.What is clear, however, is that oxytocin can create unconscious biases in favor of a partner, possibly providing part of the biological mechanism behind monogamy.A prior study by the same researchers, in fact, found that men in monogamous relationships who were given oxytocin actually kept a greater physical distance from an attractive research associate, compared with single men.

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And the men were not aware that they behaved differently on oxytocin; in fact, they could not reliably distinguish between it and placebo.

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