Natalie gulbis ben roethlisberger dating

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Although Natalie Gulbis has historically been linked with several other high-profile athletes, including NFL quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and PGA Tour player Dustin Johnson, her relationship with Josh Rodamel has mysteriously been kept under wraps.

We were headed to pick up Ben's little sister Carlee (the "real" athlete of the family, if you ask the rook) when Ben's mom told me how a Swiss TV crew had recently come all the way to Ohio after tracing the Roethlisberger family lineage back to Switzerland in the 1670s. And if you want to know where Roethlisberger's poised, humble, down-to-earth style comes from -- the kind that has changed the long-held notion that you can't win in the NFL with a kid under center -- well, it's all right here. Before dreaming of the NFL, Ben wanted to be an FBI agent. But the only athletic memento of any kind is a blue and gold sign out front supporting Carlee's hoops team.(He's now a vice president with Filtech, a company that manufactures filters for Honda.) Ben did him one better: he was a three-sport star at Findlay and the Trojans' all-time leading scorer in basketball.Just like Donovan Mc Nabb and Doug Flutie before him, Ben's time as a point guard -- the footwork, reading defenses, distributing the ball, feeling where his players were going -- served him well later as a quarterback.We’re just hoping his marriage will last significantly longer than the Power Balance bracelet fad.By David Fleming Page 2Maybe it was when the Ben Roethlisberger dog sweaters went on sale on e Bay.

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You know, as parents, we always told Ben to start from the bottom, work hard, scrimp and save and, some day, you'll land a good job and have a meaningful life. He's taught me so much about football, about life, religion, family, love, everything. He's the coolest, calmest, most collected guy I know.