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For recreational purposes, Mediaspree has planned a 10m (33 ft) wider riverfront strip and a "Park on the Spree," as well as small pocket parks between the Spree and Stralauer Allee around the East Side Gallery.Furthermore, footpaths and bicycle paths are slated to be built on both sides of the river.Promoters saw in this project a great opportunity for the former East Berlin, while critics saw the selling-out of the area's most valuable properties.The following criteria were defined for sustainable location development: There is no specific institution that centrally manages and markets the project; Mediaspree is merely a label. (originally, media spree Berlin Gmb H) was founded in May 2004 as a contact point for investors and businesses, which lasted until December 2008.A few of these are now protected by the Denkmalschutz (de) designation; that is, they are listed as historical monuments.

Many of the buildings still standing date from this period and are characteristic of the architecture of that era.

More than 150 foreign workers and prisoners of war worked on the harbor's premises.

Large portions of the buildings were destroyed after the war.

Mediaspree is one of the largest property investment projects in Berlin.

It aims to establish telecommunication and media companies along a section of the banks of the river Spree as well as to implement an urban renewal of the surrounding area.

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Between 19, the premises were primarily used by the Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces).