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Nicole has a big life, but the way she deals with it, you don't notice it's big."Though Kidman's life has changed dramatically since she left these shores for America at age twenty-two, somethings will always stay the same. Any special attention makes her visibly uncomfortable. He expects utter devotion, and we were willing to give it. And I thought, "Once he sees me act, he's going to think I'm terrible and want to get rid of me." Part of the rehearsal process for me is getting over my shyness about having everybody watching.

And because she doesn't act famous, she is not treated that way — at least in Australia.

Per instructions, I'm searching for a blue BMW. He was seventy years old and still not cynical about the process — even though his work could have a cynical viewpoint.

Fifteen minutes later it pulls up and a tall (five feet ten), laughing redhead, whose luminescent white skin virtually glows in the mist, emerges. His belief in mankind wasn't strong; he thought we were destroying ourselves.]. That's why his death was such a horrible shock.

"I'd come back to visit, but to actually stay here, be able to go over to my mom's place and have a cup of jasmine tea, which is what I used to do at eighteen ... How did he come to meet you and offer you this role?

well, it's great to be doing it again at thirty-two."All the Kidmans share her joy. There's actually no sex [, in which the man is a shrink. In fact, Stanley wouldn't let us read the book. Over the years, Tom had been running faxes with Stanley.

"I'd been through it with my own father, and it really hits you hard, takes you up short."At her suggestion, my first day with Kidman begins very early indeed. He'd gotten on a plane from Australia to New York, which is twenty-four hours, to pick me up and fly me to London.

It took another gift from the sea, a 1989 film called "From the first moment I met Nic, there was that spirit," explains Cruise. She's got this excitement about life, all these interests — children, art, music, sports, travel.

She's dressed casually in blue jeans, a black sweater and running shoes; there is little about Kidman to suggest the "I must say I wasn't offended by the term," says Kidman, who arrives today on less-seductive duty, her famous red ringlets tucked under a baseball cap. His lighting, framing, finding the thing between the actors were very important to him. One of his cats passed away while we were filming, and he was very upset. The night before he died, he left a message saying, "Nicole, call me. But I'd lost my voice, and though I wrote to Stanley, we couldn't speak. Patrick's Cathedral [in New York] that night, alone.

She's ready for fun, especially at her own expense. Wanted you to reveal things, be there for him at all times. Sometimes he'd do ten takes, sometimes a lot more. He'd say, "Nicole, you're the only actor I've ever worked with who's asked for another take."Was Kubrick a father figure or a friend? Stanley was so different from how everyone perceived him. Can't wait to talk to you." We'd seen the film six days prior, and I'd sat there dumbfounded. I normally talked to him three or four times a week. I loved thinking of him over in England, conjuring up things.

But it's the loss of the best friend and father confessor she found in Kubrick — the seventy-year-old director died of a heart attack on March 7th in his home near London, just days after the Cruises first saw the finished film — that Kidman returns to often. You were born in Hawaii, returning to Sydney at age four. C., where your father studied at the National Institutes of Health. They were involved in a lot of movements there during the late Sixties.

"Nic's never lost someone so close to her," says Cruise.

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He didn't understand it." Perhaps that was because privately she is so different: Smart, funny, warm, spontaneous. I want to see the film."That is the point of a good trailer, but I'm afraid what most people will remember is that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are nude and making love. Though to me those are characters up there, everyone else interprets it as Tom and Nicole. As people, Tom and I aren't exhibitionists; we've never been.