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1827, 1952-1978 1975, 2002 2.4.12 At all levels of description, where the earliest or latest dates pertaining to the unit being described are estimates, indicate the estimated dates in a clear and consistent fashion.approximately 1952-1978 circa 1870-1879 2.4.13 If the materials fall within a single year, record that date or a more specific date therein.When dates of creation and dates of record-keeping activity are the same, record only the former.Dates of record-keeping activity are most often recorded by archivists working with government records, organizational archives, or other materials where it is important to account for functions and activities.1849-1851 2.4.8 When further accruals are expected, record the inclusive dates pertaining to the holdings currently in the custody of the repository.

1801,1929 1980-2001 1776 2.4.7 If the materials in the unit or the record-keeping activity relating to the unit being described span a period of time, always record the inclusive dates, that is, the earliest and latest dates of the materials or activity in question.This rule applies to both dates of creation and dates of record-keeping activity.1934-1985 2.4.10 Optionally, where the dates pertaining to the majority of the documents in the unit being described differ significantly from the inclusive dates, provide predominant or bulk dates. Never provide predominant or bulk dates without also providing inclusive dates.They are distinct from the dates of creation of individual documents.Although the dates of record-keeping activity may often coincide with the dates of creation, the date types differ in two ways.

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When the accruals are received, revise the date information accordingly.

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