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This stored procedure then computes and returns the gross number of sales for each product in the specified category.

This information is added to the series one point at a time via the Protected Overrides Sub Customize Chart Series(By Val series List As IList(Of Series)) Dim my Series As Series = series List.

The code uses the LINQ to XML API to access the XML elements of interest and then loops through them, adding the points to the series. Once you have your custom class created you use it from an ASP. Connection String Dim my Command As New Sql Command my Command.

The XML file that contains the data is named Dim sales As XElement = XElement. Map Path("~/App_Data/Sales Summary.xml")) For Each node As XElement In sales. NET page like so: first, add a Chart control to the declarative markup. None Using my Connection As New Sql Connection my Connection.

The Microsoft Chart Controls are a free and encompassing set of charts for Win Forms and ASP. This article series explores how to use these Chart Controls in an ASP. Chart data may be specified statically via the Chart Web control's declarative markup.

The first installment in this article series - Getting Started - showed some simple examples of plotting chart data.

Next Double * 5000 1000 Sales Per DOW(i) = total Sales For DOW Next 'Plot the points via databinding .) Because the X and Y values are in the same object we need to specify what field to use for the X values ("Category Name") and what field to use for the Y value ("Product Count"). Connection String Dim my Command As New Sql Command my Command. Command Text = "SELECT Category Name, COUNT(*) as Product Count FROM Products p INNER JOIN Categories c ON c. Category ID GROUP BY Category Name ORDER BY Category Name" my Connection.

This information is provided as additional inputs to the Using my Connection As New Sql Connection my Connection. Open() Dim my Reader As Sql Data Reader = my Command.

Elements("day Of Week") Dim day Value As String = node. You don't need to specify the chart areas, series, or other formatting information as this should be handled by your class. NET page's code-behind class you create an instance of your class, set any properties needed, and then call the method and in that override it customizes the formatting of the series, specifying that the series is a line graph with a border width of 5 and no palette.

It then connects to the Northwind database and calls the property values as inputs to the stored procedure.

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For each day of the week a point is added to the chart with the day of the week as the X value and the total number of sales (generated randomly) as the Y value.

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