Online dating ukraine a scam

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Online dating ukraine a scam

I am now informing the agency and will see what their reaction is.

Hi there, I too, began my search for a Russian lady 1 month ago.

She sends the same letters to everyone, in the last one I and My other name were sent an address , which is a P. box in Odessa and a telephone number for her "Mobile Phone " .

This letter once again was very vague, and again not answering anything specific that I had asked, I am grateful to you for your website and think everyone should read it before they fall into something that they believe is an honest relationship..

Unlike the other gentlemen who received nasty letters from her because of their reluctance to pay her internet fees, I simply have not received anything from her. I will continually request additional, pertinent information from her until she can no longer afford to use her service, or she finally realizes I'm not an easy 'mark'.

and I started to correspond with a women in the Ukraine, I did however run across your site after the first letter and was a lot wiser after that.I already knew she was scamming, but your site informed me of some other scams I hadn't thought of.I don't have her email address anymore, if I had known about your site earlier I would have saved it.I should have suspected and I guess I did but was blinded by lust because within 4 hours of meeting her for the first time we were in bed. I have seen 3 other women on this site advertised on the Peoplehelpers site.Warren I had already registered with an agency when I came across your site.

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Somebody may say that I'm too young to look for my ideal partner. more about Elena from Kiev Eyes are the mirror of soul and I really think so.

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