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Or, perhaps it would be easier to change your response to your partner.

In a previous posting I listed some possible responses.

But marriage researchers have found that the vast majority of things couples argue about involve areas in which there is no evidence that one partner's standards are better or "healthier" than the other's.

Grace believed that Adam's behavior at the reception was selfish—he was thinking only of himself.Other problematic styles include starting the conversation in a hostile or intense style, giving off body-language that is defensive or cold, flooding your partner with negativity, and bringing up past memories, complaints and injuries.When you can predict divorce with 91 percent accuracy you know you are on to something.But Adam believed that Grace was the one who acted badly.He wouldn't dream of restricting her desire to be with her friends.

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The Four Horsemen are Criticism ("You are always whining"), Contempt ("You're a basket case"), Defensiveness ("I'm not the problem, you are!

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