Phone wap sex

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Phone wap sex

And mind you, this is a worldwide list – not the list of Indian cities most searching for the term. 6 while the next two – Chandigarh and Mumbai – are again Indian cities, followed by Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, both in Vietnam.

Below are the ‘rankings’ for 2012, as of December 26, 2012.

Not many will doubt that one of the most sought after keyword on Internet is “sex”.

And Sri Lankans, it seems, are the most search savvy when it comes to Googling that term.

Obviously, the second phone has to have a different telephone number for this to work, but it can be a land-line phone or another cell phone.

The methods you can use will depend on your model of cell phone and its features.

What you need: Any cell phone with vibrating alert, and a second telephone with a different number What to do: Set your cell phone’s ringtone to Vibration Only alert.

Using the second telephone, dial your cell phone’s number.

When you’re ready to use your cell phone as a vibrator, program your alarm to go off every minute for as long as you think you will want it vibrating (for example, if it’s pm, schedule an alarm to go off at pm, pm, etc.).

Once the alarms start going off, your cell phone should keep vibrating for as long as you’ve programmed it.

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What you need: Vibelet “Purring Kitty” software and a compatible phone with WAP and Java What to do: Visit the Vibelet website and see if your cell phone is listed among the compatible models. This is a Java program that you can download onto your phone, that lets you easily switch your phone’s vibrator on and keep it on for as long as you want.

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