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If you are going online there are huge pools of people to choose from and it's overwhelming. We are trying to help users by connecting them with other people that have passion, determination and intellectual curiosity. And the holy grail everyone is trying to crack is how to have a “curated” dating site or matchmaking site with only the “good” people on it. And, of course, two people from Yale aren’t actually more compatible than if she went to Yale and he went to the University of Maryland. I think it reeks of elitism and I don’t see how the type of school you graduated from or the type of job you have has anything to do with how compatible you are to another.

This process gives our users a more curated and selective experience.Like where people went to school and what they do for a living?The qualities we promote are not exclusive to Ivy League alum. Just don't ask for their BBM pin, unless you're really ready to commit. You can reach them via text message, Twitter or Facebook.

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Our database cannot be searched so users can also enjoy more privacy.

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