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In even more fact, up until two months ago, I had never even HEARD of it before.

This is one of those movies that came out between the years 2001-2006 when (because my wife and I were raising babies) I really didn't ever go to a movie theater.

Unfortunately, he finds that hooking up with Jamie is going to be a lot more difficult than he thought it would be. The first obstacle that he runs into is yes, you guessed it. The only problem is that Dusty just happens to be a lot better at it. He will never be able to hook up with Jamie because Dusty has already gotten there. The second problem that Chris faces is one of regression.

You see, the minute he came home, Chris has sort of started to regress.

Just Friends is the first movie on this list that I actually had no intention of including on my countdown.

In fact, up until four days ago I had never even seen it before.

In fact, at this point I think my recommendations list is up to about a hundred. I haven't see Julie Hagerty in a movie in more than twenty years. And he is the guy who once recommended Arrested Development to me, and now that is one of my all time favorite shows.All in all, this is one of those recommendations that I am thrilled I received.I had never heard of Just Friends before, it just came completely out of the blue, and I watched it and loved it.He saw that I had written that I was a Chris Klein fan in my Election review, and he mentioned to me, "Hey if you like Chris Klein you should really check out a movie called Just Friends. In fact, he has made a nice little career playing douchebag boyfriends the last couple of years. Like most people, I expected it to just be a silly little forgettable romantic comedy.But Just Friends is probably the best of them." Hmm, well now this was interesting. In fact, I looked it up on IMDB and nothing in its description looked even remotely familiar to me. That is exactly what it looks like from the DVD menu and the trailer and the cast list. In particular, he pined for his best friend Jamie (Amy Smart). see the kind of money he is pulling down, and the kind of car that he drives, they practically throw themselves at him.

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And I am trying my best to watch every one of them. And I am more than happy to see what Chris Klein looks like as a scummy douchebag boyfriend.

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