Scott walker consolidating power

Posted by / 02-Mar-2019 05:04

When legislators pushed a bill making it more difficult for the state to force schools to drop their Indian team names, Walker all but ran away from the legislation.

When the State Assembly passed a bill that would end early voting on the weekends, Walker told the press, “it’s not at the top of our list of priorities.” But once both houses of the legislature passed it, he signed the bill that wasn’t a priority, doing it privately, with as little fanfare as possible.

When it came to a bill to end same day registration in Wisconsin, Walker declared, “This is a ridiculous issue.

My priority is about jobs, creating jobs.” But this ridiculous non-priority was actually something he had championed in a national speech meant to burnish his bonafides as a presidential candidate.

If it is not about jobs, lower taxes, improving schools, it is not on my priority list.’” But once again, Walker signed the bill that was such a distracting non- priority.

When Republicans were pushing a bill to that would require women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound and prohibit doctors who lack admitting privileges at nearby hospitals from performing the procedures, Walker, a lifelong abortion opponent, wasn’t outfront on the issue.

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