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When presenting oneself before the gods during the Judgment of the Dead one had best observe certain rules of dress and make-up in order to make the right impression: The King's order addressed to the High Priest of Amen, king of gods, Ramses-nakht.The following: This royal order was brought to you with the words that I have sent (it) to you by the supervisor of the treasury of Pharaoh, l.p.h., and the King's butler Amenhotep, reading: Have excellent galena for the make-up of the Pharaoh, l.p.h., taken where one (i.e.At Saqqara fragments of a salve chest with thirty compartments for unguents and oil jars were uncovered.The jars were first made of granite and basalt, later of alabaster and had a pronounced lip.Amen-Re) found her as she slept in the beauty of her palace.She waked at the fragrance of the god, which she smelled in the presence of his majesty.Egyptians used cosmetics regardless of sex and social status for both aesthetic and therapeutic reasons.

Red ochre was ground and mixed with water, and applied to the lips and cheeks, painted on with a brush.At Tebtunis, a centre of Hellenistic culture in the Fayum, public bathhouses have been excavated, the oldest dating to the third century BCE.They had showers, stone basins and a stove to heat the bath water.In ancient Egypt it was made by grinding green malachite, galena - a gray lead ore, cerussite, a white carbonate of lead, and sometimes small amounts of the lead compounds laurionite and phosgenite, into a powder and mixing it with oil or fat.Black eye-paint was referred to as msdm.t, According to ancient records eye paint was also imported: an unidentified eye-cosmetic was brought from Punt by Hatshepsut's expedition together with, among other things, ihmut-incense, sonter-incense, apes and monkeys, and Thutmose III gathered an unspecified amount of it as booty from his campaign in Naharin.

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Pliny described a perfume which still had its full fragrance after eight years.