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'' I smiled, looking at her and said ''Uh, look at you...'' ''What ?

You must watch out for her, she's really a good woman.

Mum knew how to seduce a man, she played a good, obeying girl, with a look in her eyes that say ''Am I doing it right, daddy ?

You're very lucky.'' '' No need to say sorry, I understand you completely, and I really don't mind.'' I told him about our conversation yesterday, and explained everything about our relationship, how we can trust each other everything and so on.

I had a hard on most of the time, and I was really worried that they would notice it on the beach, but luckily they didn't.

'', as she slid out her tongue, and played with this two fingers, that were oozing with her cunt juice.


'', he laughed, and I saw that I can still trust him..

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