Sexting no sign up no upgrade

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Sexting no sign up no upgrade

No matter how instant things are these days, one of the keys to sexting is to take it slow.[Read: 20 sexy questions to sext a guy and seduce him discreetly] #2 Do learn how to spell.Saying that you’re going to tie him up to a pole and whip the bejeezus out of him isn’t something that will turn him on, especially because he knows it’s ridiculously untrue *unless it’s true! Be imaginative, but don’t make it an utter fantasy or an empty promise.However, if you’re playing the fantasy card and he totally gets the role-play, then text away.Let the teasing do the talking, and leave all the action for later.[Read: 23 sexy tips to dirty talking and saying the naughtiest things] #7 Do keep it real. Always text something that you really plan on doing, so there is follow through.

Being in the heat of the moment doesn’t mean you have to play along with something that you’re really not comfortable with. In fact, you may even send the text to the wrong person or even a complete stranger.

Instead of telling him what you’re going to do to him, just give a hint or simply say you have something planned later and you think he’ll like it very much.

Again, be creative and suggestive as you leave him thinking about you for the rest of the day.

Perhaps you’re busier eating your lunch or talking to your colleagues over coffee break as you text, but that will completely ruin the mood.

Correct spelling and grammar, even with the simplest words, show that you care enough to double check what you’re typing before sending them. Aside from human error in grammar and spelling, autocorrect is also the bane of sexting in the moment.

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