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Sexy talkingnur

We postulate that Herr Schmidt has been unjustly unread for longer than many of us have pulled breath :: we need a BREATHER.

Saint Mc Elroy, we petition you to send among us your ANGELS that we might BREATH more deeply the engelisch aires. We submit the photographic indication, gathered and preserved for us by Spade Officer, First Rank, Nate D, [linked here] ! ; a few pages of Abend mit Goldrand, wherein we see that either this Schmidt is a fool, a madman, a prankster, or a Knight of Letters.

A diversified unity ; but you see that there is something in a name whereupon one might hang one’s hat. And Schmidt: a sample of a novel, of a trilogy, of a collection, of a few pages :: enjoyment follows understanding and understanding is a road.

Teutonic knight of the heath, well=buried; :deservedly supposedly for reasons not one of us can reckon.-mark, etc, a potentiality of convention which Schmidt resurrects into meaning; and there is this warning about the lack of ribbons :: My life ? For even by day they are all someone else, the fellow who walks to the train; sits in the office; bookworms; stalks through groves; copulates; small-talks; writes; man of a thousand thoughts; of fragmenting categories; who runs; smokes; defecates; listens to the radio; says “Commissioner, sir” : that’s me ! Flash : white visages are gaping, tongues tatting, fingers teething : night. But I cannot experience my life as a majestically unrolling ribbon; not I ! Books will teach you how to read them :: and in some possible universe only those books which require that they provide a lesson in their own reading are books which might count as WORTH reading.Flash : tree limbs are standing, boys play pubescing; women are stewing; girls are scamping open-bloused : night ! I shall return to these hallowed halls at a future yet unspecified date with further evidence culled from the Dalkey Archive, three volumes chuck-n-full of Schmidtian fiction.Already you see how these novels might constitute a single history of a point of view of civil-servicehood from within WWII Germany, followed by a refugee vignette digging out of the rubble, and finished up with a post-WWIII survival story of the last remaining human(S??) in Europe and perhaps for as far as we can tell in all of the wide wide WELT. I will tell you :: an author’s work -- his/her WERK -- is a singularity : not a gesamtkunstwerk [Wagner] but a Conceptual Continuity [Zappa].

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This is a review of three novellas, but you may believe that they constitute a single novel :: warum nicht?