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Sites dating arabian

Most importantly, the fourth article of this document established several governmental bodies, which included the Consultative Council, Administrative Councils, District Councils, and Village and Tribal Councils.

During the reign of King Khalid ibn of decision making and checks and balances.

He currently serves as a Senior Fellow at the Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI) of George Washington University, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Arabian Peninsula & Gulf Studies Program (APAG) of the University of Virginia.

in Islamic legal studies in 1990 from King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He taught Islamic Studies for several years at King Abdul-Aziz University. His work has influenced countries' legislation, executive policy, and judicial decisions. Ansary's expertise lies in the fields of: national security law and policy, anti-terrorism legislations, human rights law, international law, and Islamic law and legal systems.

Recommending courses of action for administrative reform, the commission sent a proposal for a new statute of the Consultative Council that was approved by Abdul-Aziz in July, 1927.

This new Consultative Council was in charge of informing the government about any errors in the application of laws and statutes.

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It served like a small council of ministers for the Hijaz, until the creation of the council of Ministers in 1953, which brought all the provinces of the Kingdom under its own jurisdiction.

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