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Speed dating in norwich ct

In a career spanning over three-decades, he snared over 30 feature victories and was crowned the Seekonk Pro Stock champion in 1988.Also a modified competitor in years-past, he successfully wheeled cars for some of the divisions most notable teams at a variety of the regions speedways.Seen here after grabbing a feature victory, the popular (but somewhat historically-overlooked) Glaude recorded a combined divisional career total of nineteen feature victories before quietly retiring from the sport.Note the absolutely-packed grandstand on this long-ago Sunday afternoon.The late Walt Dombrowski also grabbed the title driving the L&M in 1970, cementing the cars status as one of the more famous cars in Bowl history. Speaking of Walt Dombrowski, here he is aboard the Gada Racing Team Mustang modified.

Contained in a parcel of photos we received as a Christmas present last month, we really like this image.During his pairing with Barnett (who emerged from a drag racing background), Watson wheeled the Chevy Corvette-powered coupe to several feature victories and top point finishes.Dicks career included victories all over New England, and even a stint in Grand National racing (now known as the Nextel Cup).Fittingly, he was inducted into the prestigious New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame in 2003.Twice a Riverside Park champion (1963 & 1966), New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame member Dangerous Dan Galullo was one of the brightest stars of the powerful United Stock Car Racing Club headed-up by the Tattersall family.

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On the right is our friend, New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame member Bob Potter.

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