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For instance, we think of ancient Israel’s priests as dealing very carefully with holy things, such as their vestments, bowls and sacrifices, in order to avoid profaning them by improper use.God gave them procedures for handling these articles, and the priests followed those procedures carefully.Use the button below to connect with someone on our Care Team, or keep reading to learn how to date well.Making time for the One who loves you is not only important because He made time for you, but also because without that time --- we “can do nothing”. Read More Siblings Jake and Josie Monson—ages 21 and 17, respectively, at the time of camp—wrote this article together about their experience at this year’s LYP Adventure Camp.

I have more memories of my first Feast than I should take the space to relate in this Editorial, but I want to share one with you.

Passenger trains were no longer in vogue, and this area had become a pocket of decay in the community. Our new site, Lone Star Camp, is located approximately seven miles from Athens, Texas, and is just about an hour and fifteen minutes southeast of Dallas.

Read More After six wonderful, exciting and challenging summers at Camp Lazarus Boy Scout camp in Delaware, Ohio, the Living Youth Programs’ U. Owned by the Southwest Regional Conference of Seventh Day Adventists (SDA), this marvelous 278-acre property is located in the beautiful pinewoods of East Texas and contains a twenty-five acre lake at its heart.

Read More The old Victory Hotel had seen better days.

In fact, at that time, some 40 years ago, it was an abandoned building, shuttered and boarded up, though it was only a stone’s throw from the main railway station in the city.

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To be a Christian soldier requires us to seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness first, building holy righteous character as we win each victory over our enemies.