Sydney confidential dating

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Sydney confidential dating

'Go for a creamy lipstick, rather than matte, as these can really emphasise lines around the lips.' (

Barely There Lip Blush from Debra Robson-Lawrence is a favourite with beauty insiders and actresses, who just love the natural results of this semipermanent lip treatment.

Fraxel Restore is ideal for milder sun damage, fine lines and pigmentation above the upper lip.

The secret to maintaining the effects of the laser treatment is to apply a broad spectrum UVA and UVB day moisturiser every day, even in winter, to protect the lips.

Treatments such as botox or Restylane are the most popular ways to plump up thinning lips or smooth lip lines, but if you're not ready for needles or fillers, the top make-up artists have some great tricks up their sleeves to make even the thinnest lips look plump.'Which treatment you have does depend on how deep the lines are and the causes of them.For instance, if they are relatively well-etched, deep lines and are from smoking, sunlight and lip pursing, then try Fraxel Repair.rtist Caroline Barnes uses Max Factor's Lipfinity (£9.99, intended to be used as a lipstick, to line the lips. 'It also prevents an ugly lipliner stain revealing itself at the end of the day.I apply my lipstick or matching sheer gloss over the top and it creates a full mouth without heaps of sticky product.

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She suggests concealing the natural lip line then choosing a lip liner shade which matches your lip colour.