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The couple, who befriended Swift in Nashville, offered the use of their house while she is in L. "I love Tim and Faith," she says, dashing about the house, which is utterly enormous, filled with gilt crosses and life-size Grecian statues, and worth about million (Eddie Murphy is a neighbor, in a house "the size of a country," says Swift). You know when you walk into a furniture store, and you're like, ' Oh, that's how I'm going to decorate my house,' and then the next one you're like, ' No, going to be the way I decorate my house'? "I think when I do it, I'm going to be so indecisive."Swift lives at home with her parents in a suburb outside of Nashville, in a big house overlooking a lake."I think I like the bright colors in here better than the lighter ones," she says, critiquing the rooms, which seem to go on endlessly, like galleries in a museum. The family was wealthy before she became a star — both of Swift's parents have had careers in finance, which makes them particularly good advisers, and they aren't interested in their daughter's cash.In high school, she had a 4.0 average; when she was home-schooled during her junior and senior years, she finished both years of course work in 12 months.She has never changed her hair color, won't engage in any remotely dangerous type of physical activity and bites her nails to the quick.

" on what is easily the best R&B song of her career."Taylor earned the respect of the big writers in Nashville," says Big and Rich's John Rich, a hot Nashville producer."You can hear great pop sensibilities in her writing as well as great storytelling, which is the trademark of old-school country song-crafting." At 14, Swift walked away from RCA's offer of another one-year contract — "I didn't want to be somewhere where they were sure that they kind of wanted me maybe," she deadpans — and put herself on the open market.She may be a five-foot-11-inch blonde, but she does not have the carefree soul that usually goes along with that physiognomy, and her back is starting to hunch a little from stress.Swift writes or co-writes all of her songs: She's been a working songwriter since the age of 13, when she landed a development deal with RCA Records.

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She's constantly worried about saying something that could be construed as offensive to her fans, and even swats away a question about her political preferences before conceding that she supports the president: "I've never seen this country so happy about a political decision in my entire time of being alive," she says. "I just don't want to look nasty and sweaty when people are taking pictures of me."Videos: Taylor Swift's Coast-to-Coast Cover Songs But these are momentary distractions in an otherwise pleasant afternoon.

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