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(I am, however, not dying my hair.) Filling out job applications online has taken the fun out of presenting my work in person with a portfolio. “The worst part is that even though I have 35 years in the field, no one is calling me back.My graphic design skills are lacking web credentials. I mean, forget the phone call, no one is even emailing me back. ” ————— Hi Judy, I’d say that print is slipping away, sort of. The i Pad, for example, is a print medium, with benefits.Problem was, this artist was stuck in the 1950s, where he had learned his skills. He couldn’t get his head into what we were thinking and the direction we wanted to take the design. (My love of graphics started in first grade when the teacher asked me to design the bulletin board. I’ve been doing it ever since.) I went back to my roots.He was of a different mind, and we eventually let him go. At the same time, we had a 70-year-old proofreader who was the opposite. I found out that a friend worked in the marketing department of a national company headquartered in my hometown. With photos and X-Acto blades, old rulers and pens, I started crafting the perfect resumé.Using a contact form on your website is very useful as it helps your web site visitors to communicate with you in an easy and simple way.But, there are spammers and hackers who are looking for exploitable web forms.

He could whip out four pencil-sketched advertising mockups in 30 minutes, which invariably impressed clients and made our jobs easy. Like most of my discoveries in design, it’s a matter of relaxing and trusting.

Extremely skilled, curious, cooperative, fun-loving, hard-working. If we were up all night, literally around the clock, on a deadline, Stan would stay with us, proofing endless galleys of 6-pt. He could have accepted the world’s loosening grammatical standards and less-than-the-best craftsmanship. Don’t fret over who might hire you, which is to cede ownership of your life to others. Of course, she would be happy to walk something in. I found myself in the Hallmark store looking at the singing greeting cards. The photo of me standing in a cornfield became “Judy Robertson is out standing in her field.” The story of how corn starts as a small seed became my career path.

type (“This opening paren is five points, not six,” he said one memorable night), raising our awareness, increasing our knowledge, inspiring us with his perseverance and acceptance of only the highest standards. But he kept the bar high and in doing so called us up to it. Think instead about what you know and have and want, and work to that. Where can you make a difference that no one else can make? The resumé I had carefully prepared would not work — that letter-size piece of paper just wasn’t talking. When I was done, the stock card had been transformed into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

We carry the world in our pockets now, in real time. A short 10 years ago multimedia tied us to our desks, modems squawked, pages loaded at crawl speed and were ugly, search sucked; the whole experience was sucky.

Video is no longer a special event that requires high production values; it’s become more like chat.

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But when I look at the tools I used as I started my career — the ones that are either collecting dust or framed in my memorabilia — I realize that it might be true.

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