Updating a row in sql server mcafee updating agent causing errors

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Updating a row in sql server

For instance, the recursive common table expressions (CTEs) and the FOR XML PATH(”) syntax makes the server do the hard work behind the concatenation, leaving the programmer to deal with the presentation issues. The idea behind this method is from a newsgroup posting by Vadim Tropashko.It is similar to the ideas behind generating a materialized path for hierarchies.Another approach using recursive common table expressions was sent in by Anub Philip, an Engineer from Sathyam Computers that uses separate common table expressions for the anchor and recursive parts.On first glance, this query may seem a bit expensive in comparison, but the reader is encouraged to check the execution plans and make any additional tweaks as needed.Many a time, SQL programmers are faced with a requirement to generate report-like resultsets directly from a Transact SQL query.

How do you go about producing a summary result in which a distinguishing column from each row in each particular category is listed in a 'aggregate' column?A simple, and intuitive way of displaying data is surprisingly difficult to achieve.Anith Sen gives a summary of different ways, and offers words of caution over the one you choose.In other words, the rows in a resultset of a query do not have a prescribed position, unless it is explicitly specified in the query expression.On the other hand, a concatenated list is an ordered structure. In fact, concatenation itself is an order-utilizing operation in the sense that values can be prefixed or post fixed to an existing list.

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There is no grouping or logical partitioning of values such as the list of email addresses separated by a semicolon or some such.

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