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Updating eclipse europa to ganymede

The following procedure will guide you through the process to running your existing applications on an emulator.

Chances are, your application runs just fine on the Android 1.5 platform — new devices will be able to safely install and run your application and current users who update their devices will be able to continue using your application as usual.

Because the component structure has been changed since Android 1.1, the Android 1.5 SDK does not work with ADT 0.8 (or older) and previously installed SDKs will not work with ADT 0.9.

However, the Android 1.5 SDK includes an Android 1.1 SDK image that you can build against while using ADT 0.9.

There are several compelling reasons to upgrade, such as new SDK tools that make developing more efficient and new APIs that allow you to expand the feature-set of your applications.

However, even if you or your applications don't require these enhancements, it's important that you upgrade to ensure that your applications run properly on the Android 1.5 platform.

If you do not uninstall it, you will get a conflict with the Android Editors when installing the new ADT.For more information on new SDK features and system changes, see the Android 1.5 Version Notes.If you haven't yet downloaded the SDK, download from here and unpack it into a safe location.(If you have already installed ADT-0.9_pre with the early look 1.5 SDK, you can skip this uninstall procedure and continue to Install the 0.9 ADT plugin).If you encounter problems, ensure your ADT is fully uninstalled and then follow the guide to Installing the ADT Plugin for Eclipse.

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For information about using different system images (such as Android 1.1) while running this SDK, see Developing In Eclipse, with ADT or In Other IDEs, as appropriate for your development environment.