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The company also continues to make beautiful gaming notebooks like the ROG G752 OC Edition, which eschew the typical red and black in favor of a counterintuitive gray and orange.Perhaps Asus took things a bit too far with the blinding neon orange and black on the ROG Strix GL753, but it gets credit for pushing the color envelope.

Asus' extensive Chromebook line includes the C202, which can survive a 4-foot drop, and the affordable Chromebook Flip C202.

The company gets a lot of credit for offering this protection for free, but unfortunately, it doesn't provide an easy way to figure out what models have the feature and at what stores you can find them.

You'll have to check each individual retailer's product descriptions to find out.

It even took a walk on the outlandish side with the GX800 and its detachable water-cooling dock.

But Asus deserves kudos for its lower-tier products like the F555LA or the Chromebook Flip, which look almost as premium as their more expensive counterparts.

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Asus not only excels at making nearly every kind of laptop, but also consistently provides the best affordable laptops on the market.

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