Updating jeppeson database

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Updating jeppeson database

Or, you can compare all of the portable aviation GPS units here.

It’s not quite on the level of the AOL-Time Warner merger, but the announcement this week that Fore Flight and Jeppesen are partnering on app development is certainly big news.

The aera 510 and the aera 560 are XM weather (WX) capable.

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This database has been the standard in both portable and panel-mount GPSs for decades.

As Fore Flight CEO Tyson Weihs said this week, “Nobody has better data [than Jeppesen].” Nav Data could enable some interesting features, like the ability to add instrument approaches to an active flight plan, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Essentially, Fore Flight gets what they want (high quality worldwide data and charts) and Jeppesen gets what they want (a vastly improved i OS app).

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Now that effort has accelerated dramatically, which should make Fore Flight a serious player among long range business jet operators, who need charts for New York and London in the same app.

It should also open up a number of international markets that are currently served by fragmented local companies.

Lately, some OEMs have even begun competing with Jeppesen’s traditional panel-mount database business by offering their own subscription options.

This announcement suggests that Jeppesen has recognized this new market reality, and is focused on becoming more of data supplier, and less of an app company.

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