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Updating moodle

The project team will also continue to augment and improve what we offer learners, teachers and LINC service providers.Your Moodle login name and password are identical to your my VCC login name and password.Note for developers: You can create your own type of reports. When you create a report you can select which users can view it.Links to reports are displayed in a block in the course or site frontpage.

This agreement will allow the Learn IT2teach Project to continue to provide Edulinc blended learning courseware for LINC classes across Canada, and continue to train teachers to use the courseware to create blended learning classes.

May 15, 2017 Today we released a major new version, Moodle 3.3, with new integrations and improvements to user experience.

Moodle’s mission is to empower educators to improve the world and the many features in Moodle 3.3 have been designed to give teachers better control over their learning environments while improving communications between educators and students.

- Timeline reports, this is a special type of report that displays a timeline.

A course or user report can be embedded in this timeline showing data depending on the start and end time of the current row. This block can use the same SQL queries that Tim Hunt's Custom SQL queries plugin.

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Read more » For security reasons, the IT Department recommends updating browsers to the most recent version for your operating system.

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