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Updating pocket pc

As a result, we recommend relying on a Long Term Support (LTS) distribution for your choice of Ubuntu operating system.

You can take the idea of a persistent Ubuntu installation further by installing the operating system not to a hard disk drive, but to the actual USB device.

While you might get away with 8 GB, we’d recommend 64 GB or higher for a good computing experience.

You might also want to select your USB thumb drive based on how small it is.

Note that this is an option supported only by Ubuntu.

With your USB drive primed and ready, it’s time to make your decision.

Better for updating the operating system, it does have its shortcomings: Ubuntu may expect hardware from one PC to be there when the USB thumb drive boots up on another computer.

However, this is a minor consideration in most cases.

So, all you need to do is insert the disk into your PC and restart; upon rebooting, the USB stick takes over, giving you instant access to your portable Ubuntu.

Note that any activity you engage in will not be stored on the USB stick; however, internet activity will be recorded by the ISP.

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