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Usan free sex chat lines pleasant, simply pleasant and so well blended.

HR, the beatifull "accord" is what I get now, yes the beautiful contrasting accords. Recently I started to get into so called" mans fragrance" because the ones for woman simply are too sweet for me.

While Habit Rouge may or may not ultimately be your style, approaching it—or any fragrance—with these precepts will always enhance your experience and enjoyment. So in rebuilding my collection, (did I say I love cologne?

The first time you smell Habit Rouge Ed T you may be put off by the prominent citrus vanilla accord of the opening. ) most of my purchases have been blind but there have been only a few disappointments - mainly because they weren't beast enough for my liking. it's a little misleading at first application, but, after it settles down for an hour or two it's beautiful and, pinch me, it also has that elusive aroma of that incense of my salad days.

The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Paul Guerlain. I do not find this masculine at all, it is very feminine to me, and on me I'm afraid I can only say that it does smell like you are backstage in old ladies dressing room or hairdressers.

I could not wait to finish the bottle, I almost threw it away, but I did finish it to see if my opinion would change, just not what I wanted, at all.

The sandalwood and rosewood, making an accord with the florals, mostly jasmine and carnation for me, not so much rose. With some of my other great classics you need to get the vintage because the current formulations are not close to the vintage, such as Azzaro Pour Homme or Paco Rabanna Pour Homme. Maybe it`s because I am getting older ( almost 50:-) that my taste has changed and I feel out of place smelling like a candy hihi:-) Habit rouge is too much for words, but I try. Whereas some of my reviews are of reasonable length, the ones for this are short and to the point.

I judge the performance to be well above average because the bold fresh scents do stay available for a long time. In 1974 I was 17 and had a friend who was older than me.and yes to dates, romancing, sex, office, beach, picnics, weaddings, movies, birthday gift to your father in law... ) Quality: 10.0 (my judgement) Presentation: 8.00 (simple but effective; very good sprayer) Price: 8.0 (100 ml tester for 30 Euros VAT shipping) Overall rating: 9.11/10.0 a nice mandarine orange, fairly thick, syrupy, but with a dry light woods in the back like a popsicle stick. Great citrus orangy scent thick enough to wear in the winter time, and in the evenings in the summer. The leather that eventually comes isn't the Knize or even Bel Ami variety—both of which I love. So I gave it a whiff and, ooh la la, I was mesmerized!Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette is a metaphor for life itself. Habit Rouge's leather accord truly is a fine, elegant, luxury car leather. It took me a year to finally come around to really appreciate how elegant and refined Habit Rouge is. The fragrance was soft, powdery and indescribably satisfying.I would recommend not blind buying this scent, seems a love it or hate it one to me.I think it is possibly the worst fragrance I have ever worn, joint 1st place with the Sex Pistols fragrance, which was pure vile and offensive.

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The transition is subtle and extreamly well composed.

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