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Employers can insist they take their vacation when it is accrued.Many employers fall into the trap of allowing their employees to accrue vacation time year after year.However, they do not include tips and gratuities, discretionary bonuses, and expenses.There is no statutory entitlement to vacation in the first year, as set out above.The result is that what seems like a reasonable accommodation of workload ends up providing an employee with an extensive vacation entitlement which the employer cannot afford to provide.Employers should establish clear policies regarding accrual of vacation time.He provides clients with strategic advice regarding all aspects of the employment relationship, and represents them before courts, mediators and tribunals.

Employers should explore their options in order to confirm they are operating as efficiently as possible in this regard.

He can be reached at [email protected], (416) 864-8500 or (905) 209-6999, and you can follow on Twitter @Rudner Law.

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