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(Incidentally, if a woman says that she is not interested, she should be taken at her word.“No” means no, no matter how tactfully it is expressed.) At each stage it is the man's responsibility to clarify the relationship.On the other hand, “dating” can also describe a “fast-moving committed relationship that includes sexual activity, sleeping at the partner's dorm room most nights, sharing meals, and more, but rarely going out on ‘dates’,” in the traditional sense of the word.These intense relationships often end in painful breakups.

Boy speaks with girl's father for permission to spend time with girl.

If it is only a friendship, the man should make that clear.

If it is becoming something more, the man should say what he is hoping it will become.

And married Christians should be ready and willing to fulfill their God-given role as guides for courtship and romance.

This is my first piece of advice: Get (and give) good counsel.

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The resulting confusion makes it hard for a college woman to figure out where she stands.

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