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Who are the duggars dating

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (Parents) Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar married on July 21, 1984 when Jim Bob was 19 and Michelle was 17.

They waited four years to have their first child, a son they named Josh.

Between 19, Jim Bob served in the Arkansas House of Representatives for the sixth district.

He was vice chair of the House of Corrections and Criminal Law Subcommittee.

And if you’re not, you’ve probably heard of them anyway, but why?

Who is the Duggar Family from 19 Kids and Counting?

Immediately, some eagle-eyed fans responded that the picture looked to be taken at the Duggar house.In the Duggar world, a daughter lives with her parents until she gets married.False reports have linked Jana to four different men this year, but this time there seems to be some credibility to the rumor that she is dating Williams.The Duggars tried to have another child, but Michelle suffered a miscarriage.(The Duggars claimed the loss of the baby was a result of Michelle’s continued use of birth control at the time — she had not realized she was pregnant.) From that time onwards, the couple decided to let God “bless them with as many children as He saw fit” since, as followers of the evangelical Christian movement Quiverfull, the Duggars believe children are God’s blessing and that parents should happily welcome every child they are given.

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Williams has also been spending some one-on-one time with Jana’s dad, and the only reason that could be is that he is courting Jana with the intention of marrying her, and he wants to earn his approval.