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The little redheaded slut soon got herself off and then she suddenly realized what she’d done and quickly stood up and ran off the stage.When the show went to commercial, Kevin sat there and said, “She deserved it. ” That day at work, Kevin was more outgoing then he’d ever been.Selena licked his shaft and then started to suck his balls.She pushed one of her perfectly manicured fingers into his ass making him cum in her mouth.One evening, he was sitting in his recliner channel surfing and came upon a That 70’s Show rerun on IFC.

He was sent home a few days later to rest and recuperate in his apartment.

A commercial came on and Kevin sat there wondering what the fuck just happened.

Kevin flipped the channel as he usually did during commercials and landed on the Disney Channel where a rerun of Jessie was showing.

After she swallowed his load, she stroked his limp cock back to life and then mounted him.

She started to ride his hard cock, slamming up and down. He fucked her hard and deep for several minutes and then blew his nut inside of her.

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He talked with his coworkers and when his shift ended, he asked if anyone was going out for drinks.