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Following and improving upon the original capitalistic foundations of the United States, in 1780, Florence restores its traditions of crafts guilds and historical city sectors, with the usual assignment under matriarchal Houses of Nobility, operating as a corporate city as in the Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, model.The goal is a functioning city and capital of Italy that assigns rank to civilian as well as military craftspersons and professionals, so that someone is classified according to their skill and knowledge and not according to their employment or unemployment status.Although the Rome Cassation Court decision can be justified in that inadvertantly the actual target, the daughter of an Italian citizen, was not murdered, the issue remains that the death of Meredith Kercher could have been avoided and justice for the Kercher family has not been satisfied.It is appreciated that the two accussed seem to have taken on a life of serious responsibilities and snsitivity to the issues involved, yet we must address the needs of the Kercher family.Matteo Salvini immediately takes over operations of Apple/Microsoft, Facebook and Google related to Italian Monarchical activities being that the corporation is in debt of 13 billion Euros to Europe and the tax evasion charges against the corporation carry over under Italy if Italy leaves the European Union and all contracts (including with Starbuck's) in the former Italian capital, are made null and void, Matteo Salvini also has full responsibility over the maintenanace of the Alitalia-Etihad airplane of the Italian republic currently utilized by Gentiloni and formerly Matteo kept at Fiumicino and has only personnel cleared through Professor of psycholinguistics, Elena Danilova, retired of Tavrida University in Simferopol, Crimea in any manner associated with the said airplane.All operations coincide with the immediate institution of a femminist Italian Executive Monarchy modeled after North Korea's, except that women, not men, rule.The model would utilize the Imperial Japanese, North Korean, Russian Orthodox, Saudi Arabian and English models in part so as to guarantee a particular autonomy to the chief administrative services, including the Monarchy's CEO which might be the position of Trump Corporation though it must privilige Italians of at least three generations even if abroad, located through the Vatican, Austrian Count and Dominican Cardinal Christopher Schonborn, and local Bishops.I envision a dual existence of timeless subjects, such as precious manuscripts and artifacts bridged in part and protected or advanced by the mystical nature of spiritual leaders/mentors, with the mundane interests of everyday life, yet able to discern the division of church or religious interests from State interests, which Fides et Ratio seems to anticipate and the Imperial Japanese Family practices as possible in a world of parrallel universes with varying states of being and evolution for everyone.

As the former male fascist King of Italy was banned from Italy for life any Clinton affiliated family members, including Hillary, are banned from entering any Italian territories for life, unless a special provision is cleared for Cecile Kyenge, Amanda Knox, Monica Lewinsky and Sarah Ferguson to do a sit-in on the Italian Throne/Toilet/Hillary Rodham even if she is not elected.

Born in Italy without the biological father registered as married to my Italian Mother thus retro-actively every right to dual-citizenship since 1963 without having to recognize his other biological children I grew up in Florence in the 1960's and 1970's and almost every summer was in Florence going for walks with my Aunt (Zia) Silvia Teri matrilineally Guerrini to see the Medici's Renaissance concept of the ice box constructed in the 18th Century in the park (Cascine) no more mark mays, Mai piu' un attentato femminicidiale Mai piu' razzismo contro cittadini leggittimi e persone con il visto leggittimo Mai piu' un austin de paolo impostore per Suora Austin della Nigeria avvocatessa Pontificale di legge CanonicaItaly profiles Brenda Kuest as interrupting the attempted training extradition of the "wrong toilet" thus the case of US illegally trying to extradite or murder an Italian born citizen of an Italian citizen legally in Italy and under Italian law killing the wrong person to save an Italian is legal especially if vulnerable undergraduates on student loans are threatened by U. authorities/banks, State Department/US Marshalls and faculty otherwise they are kicked out of "school" The following steps are required through restoration of basic military coordinated actions utilizing levels of, or similar to, Guardia di Finanza (Military Accounting Officers), Carabinieri (Military Police), and US Marine Corps (specialized air-sea-land tactical forces upholding the highest moral standards and honor as a U. presence in Italian territories) as the 1948 Italian Constitution foresaw in the collapse of civilian governing bodies and Italian government under the restoration of Martial Law and the Executive Italian Monarchy.

Vernadsky University Press. 2004 Cognitive Communication Styles presentation on the US abuse of assigning stigma to deflect my accusations of medical abuse against them, relying on my certified status under ADA since 1993, and others was part of the basis of my Vienna, Austria issued renewed student visa status as performing academic research on illegal human trafficking for my approved WSU Ph D dissertation program (2003) establishing the basis for those who harmed me or profited from me to be punished so Italy can rescind its EU membership as a form of sovereign protection.

Ablebodied sadistic non-whites are even associated with perpetration of crimes and avoiding justice on the charge of crimes against humanity, or an inability to have the courage to stop or fiercely object against the criminal activities and/or perpetrators in exchange for increasing their sensationalized popularity in the social media as if having more followers of your logo makes you a morally upright and good person who is above the law: "Marketting ISIS: Turning terror into tweets - ISIS has developed a strong brand and put in place a strong communication strategy carefully adapted to its target market: the Muslim world" (The Arab Weekly).

Essentially western media habitually sensationalizes violence as advertising, which terrorists and psychos find visually or acoustically gratifying.

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The general pattern seems to indicate that as there are more non-whites globally than whites there are more immoral evolutionary patterns than innately moral evolutionary patterns, with morality based on the traditions since the Old Testament to protect the handicapped and the autonomous and morally upright courageous individual, against mob aggressions and other vile social group behaviors now facilitated by the speed of gratuitous advertising implementing electronic and print media against human nature, and its evolutionary sustainability.

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