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Coming in, [Rob and I] weren’t always very well received.I know people thought we were here to replace them. He’s been so much fun to work with.” The interaction between Lucas and Quinn isn’t the focus of his return, of course, but Van Santen tells us that she did consider how the two characters would relate to each other.Though they’ve never been on screen together, there’s an assumption that as Haley’s childhood BFF, Lucas would know her older sister relatively well. It’s a tricky one, and Joy and I try to talk about it for back story,” she says.“I was two years ahead of her in high school, but you never really saw me, even though we’re supposedly really close…We just always said I had my own life, and she had hers, and when we were home, we were sisters.

TVLINE arc) is it makes it easy for your family to find you on TV. You don’t have a whole lot of places to put your hands, wearing the giant belt with the flashlight, a gun, you have cuffs, you have a badge…. That kind of plays into it all as well, because Patty wants trust and communication, to be treated as an equal partner.The show benefits from it, the fans will be so excited.” She also notes that Chad gave her props for what she and Buckley brought to the show after his exit.“I was sitting in a car with Chad and he said, ‘It’s crazy to see you interact with people I interacted with for years, and to see the show went on, and not only did it go on, but it’s still successful and I can come back and see it from a different perspective.'” Murray didn’t get to work with Buckley, which he told us was a bit of a disappointment, despite the fact that he admits he didn’t watch the show when he wasn’t on it.When Shantel Van Santen joined “One Tree Hill” in Season 7, she and co-star Rob Buckley were brought on to fill the spaces formerly occupied by series vets Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray.She’d never actually met Murray, though, until he arrived on set in September to film his return appearance for tonight’s episode.

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Would you rather she stay in the dark about his secret identity? There hasn’t been an episode yet where Patty knows, and I keep wondering which way it’s going to go, if she will find out.

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