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Who is spencer smith dating 2016

While on her way up Ajax Mountain via the gondola to meet up with Liam, Bill and Steffy arranged for the operators to stop the gondola, which does.

Hope is then forced to watch Steffy and Liam getting married atop the mountain, crushing her. She, along with Brooke, suspect that Steffy may have had other motives for marrying Liam, love not being one of them.

Liam, in the heat of the moment, proposes to Steffy with Hope's ring. However, Liam begins to wonder if he did the right thing.

His father, however, arranges for Liam and Steffy to go to Aspen, Colorado on a little getaway. Feeling like she had overreacted, Hope also went to Aspen to find Liam.

When he goes to Forrester Creations to help Steffy Forrester with some computer problems she's having, Liam accidentally records a phone conversation between Steffy and her father Ridge Forrester that reveals that Ridge's wife, Brooke Logan Forrester, accidentally had sex with her daughter, Hope Logan's boyfriend Oliver Jones.

Justin Barber, a longtime friend and associate of Bill Spencer, gets his hands on the recording and plays it for the whole world to hear.

Bill fires Liam when the Forresters decide to sue him and comes across a picture that Liam had left in his office.

Bill is shocked to see that the picture is that of his old college girlfriend, Kelly Hopkins.

Despite her shock over the revealation, Taylor continues to support her daughter.Despite Amber making advances towards him, Liam remains loyal to Hope.The Amber saga ends on June 20, 2011 when DNA tests reveal that Marcus Forrester, not Liam or Oliver, is the father of Amber's baby daughter.After his mother's death and graduating from college, Liam went to Los Angeles to find his father, whom he first suspected was someone at Forrester Creations.He then got himself a job as a computer tech at Spencer Publications.

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