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Once the Jews over at Youtube started forking over cash to Dunkey (who is probably also a Jew), he decided it would be a good idea to move down to Texas to meet Mouse Bitch in person.

Once he arrived, Dunkey realized that Mouse Bitch wanted nothing to do with him in real life. These days Dunkey is attempting to turn over a new leaf.

Fast-forward to 2011, Dunkey (Powerword: Jason Gastrow) is no longer fat and starts making shitty game commentaries and animated shorts.

He quickly gained fame and was hailed as a League of Legends all-star. • LILSHOWSTOPPA • La Pequeña • Laci Green • Laddergoat • Lady ALT69 • Lambi Sin Clair • Latarian Milton • Lee Westwick • Legion of Noway • Leisure Suit Gaming • Leisure Suit Gaming/No Date Gamers • Leprechaun • Lesleyblood • Let's Play • Lexi Bee • Lexshit Bleuuaaaargh • Lia Marie Johnson • Liam Sullivan • Life In ATent • Lilypichu • Limapal00za • Linkara • Lisanova • Little Kuriboh • Logan Bray • Logan Sperman2 • Logan Swan • Lonelygirl15 • Lopunny • Lord Zedd16 • Lordshadrach • Louisthehedgehog • Lowtax/You Tube • Lukeywes1234 • Lulz in hell Trollfags • Lyle Mc Douchebag • Lynn Ann • Lyor Cohen METOKUR • MMORPG Freak Out • MRirian • Machinima • Magical Pocky Usagi • Majela Ze Ze Diamond • Majira Strawberry • Manlytears • Mannix The Pirate • Mariozplaze • Mariotehplumber • Mark Gormley • Markiplier • Mars Defden • Maru • Matrooko11 • Matt Shizzle • Max Harris • Maxofs2d • Mc Jugger Nuggets • Megan Lee Heart • Megan Speaks • Melee Kirby • Memy9909 • Meta527II • Michael Gimson • Michael Jackson • Michael The Go Animate Guy • Michelle Phan • Mickyy Moo • Mike Matei • Million Dollar Extreme • Milo Stewart • Misha Silenosti • Miss Hannah Minx • Mister Metokur • Mogalful • Monica Punk • Monkey Game Guides • Montagraph • Morbid Krabs • Morgan Anson • Mr Beast • Mr Pregnant • Mr Disambiguation • Mrpunchdrunk1 • Mr Repzion • Ms Heart Attack • Muffdaddy2 • Must Destroy All • My IDIs Phat • Mylar Balloon Fan • My Space Kid • Mysterious Mr Enter • Mystery Guitar Man • NOT THE BEES • Nalts • Narcovideo • Nascar221 • Nate Talks To You • Navii Neko • Needledrop • Nephilim Free • Nephilim Free/Debate Sagas • Nephilim Free/Misc.

In a long distance relationship it can be easy to ignore or overlook flaws for awhile.Before you make your final decision, you can weigh out the pros and cons of staying with your girlfriend.If the "pro" list outweighs the "con" one, your answer may be evident.She said, and I believe her, that she really loves me and that this was a mistake she regrets.However, I can't take it out of my mind and forget about it.

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