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Kris would claim she was working out there on most afternoons, but Larry was forced to confront her and caught her in the act after being told by his housekeeper 'that they were doing something bad' and it was 'very quiet down there in the gym.'Kraines says he did not told Robert, and Kris never actually admitted to the affair even after he caught her in the act.

“Not true never even met her or heard of her before.” Despite his claim that he isn’t seeing her, an insider close to James told PEOPLE on Wednesday that “Mehgan’s been supporting Rob and his business for some time now,” and “They’ve been really close friends for about three months.” FROM PEN: EW’s Top Ten Rom-Com Movie Moments A second source also told PEOPLE that Kardashian’s family is aware of the new romance, and they’re “not thrilled” about it.'I knew there was a mom, and I knew she had rules in the house for Kris, but she never interacted with us,' says Zimmerman, who later explains that the 'family was just very private, and Kris kind of lived within those rules.'Kris' father Robert Houghton was also not in the picture, having disappeared from her life after divorcing her mother when she was just 7, leaving her mother to raise Kris and her younger sister Karen.That brought Kris and Mary Jo closer, and by the time she was 16 the two ladies began spending their weekends together at Rancho La Costa.It was there that Kris learned how to socialize with rich and older men while also developing a fondness for golf - and golfers.Birth of a dynasty: Sanudo, who was 11 years older than Kris and let her live in his home while he was on tour, which is where she took Robert Kardashian after their first date (Kardashian family photo in the late 1980s)Zimmerman says that by her final year at Claremont high school Kris had left her behind and forged a new friendship with a popular cheerleader who had just graduated from the school, Debbie Mungle.

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It was around that same time that Kris also met Robert Kardashain and the Armenian lawyer quickly to a shine to the teenager.

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