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In the above example, the [Range] attribute checks whether the Age is between 18 and 100.

The [Url] attribute checks whether a property value is a valid URL.

The [Required] attribute indicates that a property value must be provided.

The Error Message property of the data annotation attribute indicates an error message that will be displayed in case there is any validation error.

If you don't specify any Error Message, a default error message is displayed.

If an error message is not specified, a default error message is displayed.

Now that you have some idea about data annotation attributes, let's develop a simple ASP.

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To attach the metadata defined in the User Profile Metadata class to the User Profile class you need to add a partial class to the project and then use the [Metadata Type] attribute as shown below: As you can see the User Profile class is a partial class and has [Metadata Type] attribute on top of it.