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This value will be ignored if an existing transaction context is propagated. When the Distiller service is deployed, this number is used to determine the number of service implementation instances that are created and allocated to the free pool awaiting invocation requests.The service container can then respond immediately to invocation requests without having to first initialize a service instance.Content Services (Deprecated) support ends on 12/31/2014. To know about configuring Content Services (Deprecated), see Administering Content Services.) enables processes to use the content management functionality provided by Content Services (Deprecated).Adobe® Live Cycle® Content Services ES (Deprecated) is a content management system installed with Live Cycle.It enables users to design, manage, monitor, and optimize human-centric processes.Central Migration Bridge service operations allow you to reuse the following Central assets in AEM forms: The default portion of the path in the Documentum repository for storing the Asset Link object.

The Email service connects to an SMTP server to send the email message with the attachment.

For example, if the default path is set to The Content Repository Connector for IBM File Net lets you create processes that interact with content that is stored in an IBM File Net repository.

The following setting is available for the Content Repository Connector for IBM File Net service.

Document Management operations provide basic tasks that are required to maintain spaces and content in the content management system.

Examples of such tasks are copy, delete, move, retrieve, and store content, create spaces and associations, and get and set content attributes.

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