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Now, I’m not going to get into what DI is, or how it works, but I will share a quick code snippet on how to use one.

Runtime changes affect all apps that are running under a .

Not only that, the View Model name must be prefixed with the corresponding Views name, plus “View Model”. I personally hate this convention, and I’ll show you how to change it later. If you try to run the application as is, it’s not going to work. Well, because we need ot make a small change to our View’s code-behind. IView simply contains a property called Data Context which is of type Object. Now you want to place distance between files that are directly related to each other?

You should have something similar to this: Here is our simple View: Now that we have all the hard stuff out of the way. You will notice that we added an interface to our View called IView. Hey, what do you know, our View already has that property defined. This seems to work when you first start writing an app, or for smaller apps, but think about your workflow when the applications get large.

A lot of the readers of this blog are also interested in H5 Scripting.

It’s a bit of topic for this blog but we have started to answer some questions.

Once we have that, we return a proper Type object using the newly generated View Model name. Create Instance, but as you can see, you can easily change it to use anything you want. I hope I gave you enough information to get you started with the new View Model Locator that is available in the Prism. Be sure to download the source code, and start playing around with it .

You may, or may not, have heard that the Microsoft Patterns and Practices team recently shipped the newest version of Prism.So now you should have something like this: Now if you try to run the application it won’t work, because we are not following the convention. We can tell the View Model Locator how where to find the View Models by implementing the View Model Locator Provider. There is no way you would discover on your own what exactly this method should do or return.Set Default View Type To View Model Type Resolver that is located in the Microsoft. This method gets called whenever a View is asking for a View Model.Transparent This is a change that has no noticeable effect on the app's developer or user.The app should not require modification because of this change. NET Framework 4.5 to 4.6.2, review the following topics for application compatibility issues that may affect your app: Beginning in the . NET Framework will attempt to automatically reconnect broken SQL connections.

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Now, I personally have never been a fan of View Model Locator for a number of reasons, but I must say, after playing around with it and having many conversations with my friend Brian Noyes, that I am really starting to like Prism’s version of View Model Locator.

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