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For example, this day, on March 30th, the following happened: 3) the Inventors Timeline – takes you back to the Paleolithic Era then forward to present time, identifying all key inventions known to the world…a very interesting way to see how the pace of technology is quickening.4) the Timeline Index – a nice visual timelime of Inventors through the recent ages – also an interesting timeline for other areas such as artists, philosophers, actors, etc).

In some locations, Street View may not give a view of the actual building, or may not be available at all.

I found four websites that are very helpful in doing this: 1) my favorite site is The Great Idea Finder - this site looks like it was created in 1996 and in serious need of a web 2.0 programmer, but it’s full of great research, ideas and history.

Check out It’s About Time for a day-by-day history timeline, or Invention and Inventor Lists for interesting lists of patents, inventors, entrepreneurs and more.

While I don’t disagree with the premise that certain professions require young/fresh minds to attack them, the author neglected to mention the wide variety of creative careers that have taken off for LATE BLOOMERS in many fields. The NY Times article highlights, including: Archimedes (in his 20s when sitting in the bathtub), Marie Curie (just turned 30 when investigating radioactivity), Galileo Galilei (speed of objects falling in late 20′s), William Lawrence Bragg (x-rays and crystal structure; Nobel laureate at age 25), and J.

Robert Oppenheimer (Manhattan Project lead, first discoveries at 23 years old).

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Babbage worked through his lifetime to complete these designs.